stop food cravings

Teach yourself nicer and above all more healthy alternatives to emotions to cope.

Unfortunately, problems do not disappear through the empty eating a jar nutella. But the thrill of good food might be a mute emotions like sadness or anger. And then again just as hard to strike. All these things you know as emotion-eater long. But knowing something does not mean that you can stop. Your body has been getting accustomed snacks as soon as stress rears its head.

find pattern
The first step to stop emotional-eating is to discover at what times and at what emotions you go snatching unnecessary. Write down the times when you unnecessarily eat and how you think, feel during and after eating. Try to find a pattern in which emotions and at what times you eat unnecessarily . Once you know what your emotions are trying to eat your way, you can choose a suitable alternative. Leontien has a few healthy options for you to put a row.

Alternative to eating out of stress and anger
Remove yourself from the stressful situation and take time to cool off. If you have a conflict with someone, write down what you want to say to that person.

Take a deep breath
When deep breathing is a signal sent to the brains that should relax and soothe. Then the brains send the signal to your body.Through control of your breathing, you get more control over your life.

move Jump
It is a well known remedy for stress . And it might even help you better to learn to deal with anger . So go around the block, save a few tennis balls against the wall or do a few pushups. Blow off steam literally.

Listen to music
You probably know a few songs that makes you calm of. Create a CD with this type of music and listen to it on when you need it.

Avoid stress
Come example, every morning out of time due to the large amount of tasks you need to do in a short time? then make a change in your schedule so that you start the day quietly.

Alternatives to food from sadness and loneliness
move Jump
You can literally wegsporten a bad mood. It is probably the last thing you feel like, but do not think your running shoes and go outside.Before you know it, you do not think more of the snacks in the fridge but you can enjoy the fresh air.

Play with your pet
Pets give you unconditional love. It is scientifically proven to boost your emotional and physical health. Do you have any pets? Will then volunteer at a shelter or children. Allows you kill two birds with one stone. It takes you out of your isolation and have contact with animals.

Write a letter to friends or family
Be as close yourself from the outside world, that you forget that there are people who care about you. Even if you have someone not talk long, however, write a letter. You’ll be amazed how much people lend a hand to you.

Become a volunteer
It is difficult to think bad about yourself if you help others. It is also a great way to expand your world and you are away from your stock cabinets.

Alternatives to eat out of boredom
Pay attention to the food that you consume
Make yourself a rule that you do not do other things while eating. So no eating chips while sitting at the computer. And no ice bucket empty spoon while you watch TV.

Develop a new hobby
Make a list of all the things you ever wanted to learn. Such as cooking, learning a new language or painting and find out how you can start.

Keep a book or your favorite magazine at hand and wear boring time reading. Maybe you’ll find reading so much, you do not even think of snacking.

Play a game
Board- and card games can be very entertaining. Some take even hours. Invite friends over for a game night. Or pull the kids away from the TV and they learn from the games fun. Are you by yourself? Then try Sudoku or a crossword puzzle.

Meet up with friends or family
It is suspected that many people are bored in this digital age, because they lack real human contact. Through online networks, you can simply leave a message for friends. But do not forget the importance of a call or when someone go long.

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