Poor sleep: 12 tips that really help

Poor sleep: 12 tips that really help
Suffer from insomnia? 12 tips to become a super sleeper, such as eating before bedtime icecream full of carbohydrates.
British psychology professor Richard Wiseman describes in his book Nachtrust, lessons asleep the latest findings in the field of sleep and gives on the basis of these studies tips to become a super sleeper.

And you bet you want to be that if you suffer from insomnia, because people who sleep badly, are significantly more likely to die early, in addition to diabetes, obesity and stress. According to Wiseman’s sleep is the key to feeling happy: good sleepers seem happier to 25% and up to 40% less stress than poor sleepers.

12 tips to become a super sleeper

1. Unlike any dietary rules may help to sleep to food that is high in carbohydrates icecream. But it should not contain more than 200 calories, so think of a cookie, banana or small muffin.

2. Counting sheep, but different. Various studies show that making simple sums or back to back in your head, poor sleepers helps you fall asleep faster.

3. Fantasize like crazy: showed off an experiment in America that people who were focused on something very pleasurable more than 2x as fast asleep than those who did not.

4. Strange but true: if you pretend you’re tired, you’re really tired. So try to do a couple of times if you have to yawn, or lie in bed like you have a very tiring day behind.

5. The concept of association also helps with sleep problems. For example, place a while whenever you want to sleep the same music stand out. After a while you associate the music with brains fall asleep and you behave accordingly.

6. If you ‘wake up at night and think of something you have to remember the next day, write it immediately. Then you fall then as the good weather is fast asleep.

7. When you are driving at night more than 20 minutes up, then go out and do something that does not cost too much effort. Stay away from bright lights and computer screens.

8. Make sure the bedroom is dark and really enjoyable. Too much light it keeps your brains to make melatonin, so you do not get tired. Evenings at home mood lighting and little to no screens also help to fall asleep.

9. Turn off the heating. The best room temperature is 18 degrees with a humidity of 65 percent.

10. If you do a daytime nap, make sure that it takes no longer than 20 minutes, otherwise you at night struggling to fall asleep.

11. Every week an average of physically active for at least two and a half hours, helps to sleep well. The best time to exercise is about six hours before you go to bed.

12. In the evening take a bath makes you fall asleep faster. This has to do with the right body temperature that the brains give a signal that it is time to go to sleep.

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