Perhaps you were told that if you want to burn fat on your legs and buttocks, do exercises for legs and buttocks. Perhaps you were told that the local burning body fat is impossible “because the body burns fat at random places.” I can tell you with certainty: these two propositions are false.

Science has repeatedly shown that when you exercise for a specific muscle group (for example, legs and buttocks) makes the muscle that you exercise stronger. Doing exercises for your legs, then your leg muscles stronger. The doing these exercises has an influence on muscle strength and / or muscle endurance, but not on the fat that is located on that region.

The assertion that the body “burns occur randomly fat” is also incorrect, there is actually pointing to a reason why the body stores more fat in a particular place and therefore why it is at a certain place more fat loss than a other. Proven is that the place where your body stores more fat is a reflection of your hormones. For example, the fat on your triceps, back, hip, abdomen, chest, thighs, calves and even your knee is directly related to a specific hormone. Each point on the body is associated with a different hormone. Do you mostly fat on your stomach? Then that is a reflection of the over longer periods are too present of the stress hormone cortisol in your body, which I in this article already wrote.


If you primarily store fat on legs and buttocks then this is directly related to the amount and type of estrogen in your body. Have more of the female sex hormone estrogen, or put your body your estrogens not in the right, then take the fat on your legs and buttocks increasing. This also explains why men are generally less (barely) fat on their legs and buttocks, they simply make less estrogen to.

A natural solution for maintaining a natural estrogen metabolism, in other words, keeping the balance of the production and conversion of estrogen in your body is using Diindolylmethane or abbreviated: DIM.

DIM is a plant-based component which is found in, inter alia, broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cauliflower and other types of cabbage. Several decades ago scientists discovered that when broccoli was added to the diets of some animals that went against scientific research underwent this certain cancers. In recent studies it was discovered that the same cancer was achieved by simply getting the DIM part of these vegetables to add to their diet. It was also discovered that these health-promoting effects of DIM mainly stemmed from an improved balance between the hormones estrogen and testosterone.

DIM improved estrogen metabolism in both men and women. It ensures that in the degradation of estrogens in the body, a process which always takes place in the body, be converted more estrogens to the proper type of estrogen.

Because an imbalance in estrogen metabolism in women (or men) fat storage caused on the legs and buttocks, fat can be reduced on the legs and buttocks by bringing the estrogen metabolism back into balance. This may DIM. Therefore, to balance your hormones you can by working stimulate your body to burn locally, in this case on legs and buttocks fat.

Important to remember is that DIM Flashy burn fat. It leads to your body from the inside will be healthier, better balanced hormonal system (it has no adverse effects when women swallow the pill) hits and you’ll burn in your legs and buttocks fat if your body into a state of fat burning is. So you need to eat properly and to do the right workouts. When you do that and also brings your hormonal balance, you can burn localized fat on legs and buttocks using DIM.



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