19 Diets analyzed

The research and knowledge Centre for consumer Associations (OIVO) analyzed 19 different diets, particularly the popular food plan and those who obtain the most media consideration. The conclusion is difficult: many of the diets is inefficient, costly and does not provide a sustainable weight reduction. Even worse is the fact that they regularly are hazardous to health. There is just one eating regimen useful of the name and that’s the reason the eating regimen ready by using a dietitian (e), which mainly involves learning the consumer from which a wholesome, balanced, calorie meals exists and excesses are evaded. one of these food plan is perfect performed under the supervision of a qualified nutritionist.

There are dozens of the right way to lose weight, and they are additionally extremely popular. So says 35% of people aged 10 to 17 years previous (and nearly half of the sixteen-yr-olds) they followed a weight loss program up to now six months and two-thirds of adults states already having consulted a dietician have. also noteworthy that eight out of 10 customers with their obese physique thought of as “standard”.
CRIOC discovered that 9.7% of fellows and 12.eight% of girls swallowing supplements. Their consumption increases with age and is perfect within the age group of 60-seventy four years. among them taking 15.eight% dietary supplements.
it can be no surprise that the eating regimen market should come as a huge industry, estimated at over 1000000000 euros per 12 months.
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19 Diets analyzed
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19 Diets analyzed
19 Diets analyzed
The analyzed diets:
1. Atkins weight-reduction plan
2. historical past diet
three. Dr. Cohen eating regimen
4. Detox eating regimen
5. A weight loss plan ready by a dietitian (e)
6. Dukan weight loss plan
7. ‘Furnace’ fat Burning food plan
eight. diet Dr. Fricker
9. Hollywood or Beverly Hills weight loss program
10. Jenny Craig food regimen
11. The Karl Lagerfeld weight loss program
12. South seashore food plan
thirteen. The Montignac food regimen
14. The Ornish eating regimen
15. The Scarsdale eating regimen
sixteen. Cabbage Soup food plan
17. Sulitzer weight-reduction plan
18. The Zone food plan
19. Weight Watchers diet
table – resolution
FILE The research and information Centre for client Associations (OIVO) analyzed 19 different diets, namely the popular weight-reduction plan and those that receive probably the most media consideration. The conclusion is hard: many of the diets is inefficient, expensive and does not provide a sustainable weight loss. Even worse is the fact that they continuously are hazardous to well being. There is only one diet worthwhile of the title and that’s the weight loss program prepared through a dietitian (e), which primarily entails finding out the consumer from which a wholesome, balanced, calorie meals exists and excesses are evaded. this type of food regimen is best finished underneath the supervision of a qualified nutritionist.

There are dozens of ways to shed pounds, and they are also highly regarded. So says 35% of individuals aged 10 to 17 years previous (and almost half of of the 16-yr-olds) they adopted a weight loss plan prior to now six months and two-thirds of adults states already having consulted a dietician have. additionally noteworthy that eight out of 10 shoppers with their chubby physique regarded as “normal”.
CRIOC discovered that 9.7% of men and 12.eight% of girls swallowing supplements. Their consumption increases with age and is best in the age crew of 60-74 years. amongst them taking 15.8% dietary dietary supplements.
it’s no shock that the weight loss plan market will have to come as a big trade, estimated at over a thousand million euros per 12 months.

analyzed diets
CRIOC has different types of diets analyzed. The prognosis shows that the majority diets, as they may be able to lead to the best case be adopted without scientific supervision, a bad diet and at worst health problems. they’re diets that permit speedy weight loss, however supply no long-term end result. They make the errors in the weight loss program concerned folks unaware that resulted in their weight problems. the consumer shouldn’t be prompted through long-time period self-take care of their food plan and undertake new eating habits that are a part of a healthy standard of living. because of this, the CRIOC advises any individual who desires to follow a food plan to make use of into a qualified nutritionist, to dodge any that you can think of danger.
The CRIOC diets finally categorized according to the consequences they have got on health.

CRIOC has accomplished analysis on the completely different diets which can be existing on the market. every weight loss program was studied from different angles: first, the theory of the weight loss plan used to be seen, then the possible health effects had been studied and ultimately the lengthy-term impact. On that basis, we then drew a common choice on that weight loss program. each eating regimen was evaluated on the foundation of the file of the French ANSES (company Nationale de Sécurité Sanitaire – nationwide company for the protection and diet well being) entitled “évaluation des risques liés aux pratiques alimentaires d’amaigrissement”, dated November 2010.
CRIOC has made a comparison between the guidelines we found on each weight loss program on the web and what was once recorded in the record of the ANSES. We proposed that method outstanding variations between solid promise what some diets and the results they produce in point of fact.
The analyzed diets:

1. Atkins food regimen

What does it imply?
The Atkins weight-reduction plan recommends an over-consumption of fat and proteins to, on the cost of the consumption of carbohydrates. All foods that include carbohydrates (simple and intricate sugars), reminiscent of bread, pasta, rice, semolina, potatoes, fruit and juice, legumes, sugar-covered products, and so forth., are excluded.
Proteins (meat, fish, eggs, and others) could also be consumed alternatively to their heart in step with this food regimen.

This weight loss program has four phases. the primary segment consists of food products that supply carbohydrates to steer clear of (sugar and sweetened products, starch, legumes, fruits, milk, yogurt, and so on.) and to take not more than 20g of carbs per day. This segment should be sustained two weeks. The 2d section includes meals that incorporate carbohydrates (fruits, cereals and dairy products) little by little to incorporate in the weight loss program. This phase lasts unless the remainder weight however 2 to 4 kg more. in the 1/3 phase is increased carbohydrate supply with 10g a day: that is the stabilization segment. When the body weight remained stable for four consecutive weeks, the remaining phase will be used, which persists for existence. there is thus an individual committed an quantity of carbs that should by no means be surpassed.

in the first section remains to be the vitality provide underneath the 1200 kcal. The feed protein is above 20%, whereas it is recommended in a typical diet between 12% and 15%. as well as, the vetaanvoer is from above 60%, where it must lie in a balanced food regimen of between 35% and 40%. The vetaanvoer is almost double what’s recommended. As regards the carbohydrates, this diet is around 5% while the recommended percentage is between 50 and fifty five%. The Atkins food plan comprises too little fiber, iron, calcium, magnesium and nutrients. in addition, the quantities of salt really helpful through this weight loss program too high when compared with the suggestions of the arena well being group (WHO).

Human health
This weight-reduction plan causes a reduction of the mineral bone mass, which was once validated in ladies after menopause. in keeping with two research (. Jensen et al. 2001; Ricci et al 1998) has a calcium supplement in overweight menopausal ladies who apply a restrictive food regimen, no impact on the lack of beendermineralen. on the other hand, they counsel that the availability of protein from dairy products prevent or scale back the beenderafbraak. within the Atkins food regimen, on the other hand, banned dairy products. it is therefore now not recommended for ladies of their menopause to follow this food regimen, even if research on this phenomenon rare. it would therefore be untimely to draw definitive conclusions in regards to the complications of bone that following this weight loss plan brought about the lower in mineral bone mass.
in addition, the lowered consumption of fiber can result in constipation.


The Atkins weight loss plan caused an increase in LDL ldl cholesterol through an average of 10% (Beisswenger et al. 2005) and likewise lead to cardiac arrhythmias (highest et al 2000. Larosa et al 1980;. Stevens et al. 2002). “as well as, showed a US study of nurses and health experts thru a follow-as much as one hundred thirty,000 folks for 26 years that a eating regimen low in carbohydrates and excessive in protein and fats of animal starting place is related to a better risk for loss of life from heart problems … the mechanism accountable for this seems to be linked to an increase of the basic risk factors for cardiovascular disease. ” (Vert.)
Such caloric and diet and mineralenarm weight loss plan can lead to acute cardiac arrhythmias via to disorders with speedy death.
If sports activities people too some distance through using the proposed meals restriction, they risk cardiovascular issues and nausea (because of low blood sugar or vagalis, more desirable by dehydration).

long-time period
according to the find out about of Wing et al. 2005 losing only one-fifth of overweight individuals by this weight loss program any weight in the long run. Most diets, alternatively, only be adopted for a brief time period, particularly 6 months to a yr. the worldwide calorie provide is a very powerful issue for the cultivation of weight once more. the load loss is easier to care for if the person who starts a weight loss plan also prompts bodily. moreover, the calorie provide required for the steady weight to carry not up to the calorie provide before the load loss, which in observe is difficult to deal with .. also word that the loss of muscle mass performs an important position in the lower of the energy consumption.
the burden regains recognition, it’s mainly within the type of fat.

This food plan is unhealthy to health and can cause more than a few physiological issues. it is subsequently suggested to practice this weight loss plan. CRIOC recommends a balanced weight-reduction plan in combination with physical job to lose responsibly and long-time period weight. prior to beginning a diet, ask the recommendation of your physician or dietitian (e).

2. heritage nutrition

What does it imply?
The concept of chrono weight loss plan is that, to create no fat, every nutrient at a selected time of the day and should consume the suitable proportions.

The concept of energy supply chrono hyperlinks the consumption of nutrients to the biological clock of the physique. It suggests that breakfast must contain a variety of sugar and no; lunch must contain a lot of protein; The snack should include fruits and dark chocolate and supper will have to be light. The order of the foods will have to not at all be changed, the proportion of products of plant beginning in the courts should be revered and hunger should be satisfied with merchandise of animal foundation. otherwise, it is said, the certain effect of the diet is lost.
the entire meals merchandise are allowed, provided that they are eaten at the proper time of the day.
according to this weight-reduction plan must this food plan for lifestyles, otherwise the kilos are followed so again. It therefore suggests that you simply wish to totally upset your eating habits.
This weight-reduction plan is lovely limiting the type of nutrients that the worries of various meals consumed and in that experience is related to so-called dissociation diets.
The chrono-nutrition weight loss program gives a power provide of more than 2,000 kcal / day. Proteins make up more than 20% of power provide from, which is greater than the really helpful dose. The fat content of this weight loss program offers even higher than the really useful daily allowance (RDA) and amounts to 35-forty%. Carbohydrates signify 35% of the day-to-day vitality supply, which is still beneath the RDA (50-55%). This weight-reduction plan offers too little magnesium, vitamin D, and diet E.

Human well being
moreover, this kind of diet, which too few nutrients and minerals provides that the little fruit and vegetables offers, as a result of cardiac arrhythmias can lead to acute accidents with quick demise.
The diet gives an excessive amount of fats, that are eaten essentially for breakfast. it can be a excessive-fat weight loss plan, in accordance to some research, gives upward thrust to an increase in the levels of LDL cholesterol by using an ordinary of 10% (Beisswenger et al. 2005) and cardiac arrhythmia (best possible et al 2000;.. Larosa et al 1980; Stevens et al. 2002).

lengthy-time period
The chrono-weight loss program food regimen can lead to fatigue that every one individuals may eat, but no longer at any second. individuals who have experience, as an example within the morning to devour a section of fruit, won’t like it. there’s a risk that the weight-reduction plan for this reason, has been given up again quickly.
consistent with the study of Wing et al. 2005, dropping simplest 20% of chubby individuals with lengthy-time period success weight. Most diets, alternatively, simplest be adopted a short time period, namely less than six months to a year at most. to succeed in everlasting weight loss, the chrono-life food regimen could be adopted and that occurs very rarely.

This eating regimen is beautiful compelling. as well as, it ends up in a too small amount of certain nutrients, which is able to lead to health problems.
CRIOC advises customers who want to shed pounds prior to selecting long-term for a balanced food regimen blended with physical process. before you begin a weight loss program, ask the recommendation of your physician or dietitian (e).

3. Dr. Cohen food regimen

What does it imply?
it is a low-calorie weight loss program that’s in the reduction of and on the similar time wants to deal with a diverse and balanced food plan and the quantity of food their vetaanvoer.

the primary phase of the eating regimen is to acquire a fast weight reduction as a result of a “low-sugar” power supply. This phase lasts as much as a month and serves to offer the impetus for the load loss. Then have a “balanced food plan” are followed. The 1/3 stage is a consolideerfase.
The weight-reduction plan offers between 1200 and 1500 kcal, which is a reasonable quantity. then again, the protein feed is more than 20% of the daily vitality supply and subsequently is larger than the advisable proportion. as well as, the Cohen-eating regimen accommodates too much fats, which make up almost 60% of the total energy supply, whereas the 35 to 40% is advisable. Deficits there are mainly in the box of fiber, vitamin D and nutrition E.

Human well being
This diet gives too little fiber, making a risk for constipation. The eating regimen can also be fats and on this connection that one should be referred to too high a feed of saturated fatty acids may just increase the insulin resistance, even in spite of that you can think of weight loss.

lengthy-time period
With this food regimen which you could undertake good eating habits in the sense that you simply become careful not to take too much fat. on the other hand, word that you can remaining in the long term, because in keeping with a learn about by means of Wing et al. 2005 but loses 20% of overweight folks with weight efficiently in the long term. Most diets however be adopted a short while, for 6 months to a year. word additionally that it’s acceptable to combine a healthy diet with physical process, with a purpose to care for the brand new weight.

The Cohen weight-reduction plan can, regardless of the over-supply of fat, lend a hand to adopt excellent eating habits, equipped the vetaanvoer is reduced in choose of a slight raise within the supply of slow carbohydrates. CRIOC does not recommend to apply this food regimen as prescribed, as a result of it reasons more than one deficits and surpluses. CRIOC recommends a balanced weight loss plan together with physical task to lose responsibly and long-time period weight. sooner than starting a diet, ask the recommendation of your physician or dietitian (e).

4. Detox weight loss plan

What recommends this diet?
The detox weight loss program guarantees that it’ll rid the body of toxins, through a balanced food plan, with the aid of selecting sure foods and others omit. once in a while that is linked to sure blood-purifying crops is. Proponents of this eating regimen claim that we from the within are poisoned through our weight-reduction plan because “there are various chemical things in it” and “not of organic starting place” and that we are also attacked with the aid of the atmosphere with “toxins and contaminants (heavy metals , CO2, …) “. They even go so far as sure drug treatments, used for years responsible.
however what precisely is a poison, in case you take a look at them extra closely? It entails a organic poisonous substance that’s produced by vegetation, animals or microbes. furthermore, we know that the human physique, if toxins are present and for this reason attacked, responds by using turning the immune device to work. on the other hand, a weight-reduction plan can set off an immune response. The detox diet is trying to reassure the folks and makes use of a psychological manner.

the whole lot natural, natural and efficient for just right well being, it is strongly recommended, and all that’s topped with a “zen” -symboliek. The consumption of probiotics, organic products, fruits and vegetables (preferably raw) and omega three is inspired; meats (specifically purple meats) will have to be refrained from, and we now have, normally, less food. We should drink day by day half of liter of water (hydration), eating soup (vegetables) and more than a few herbal teas, infusions and other teas to drink. Add to that a significant dose of recreation at (30 to 60 minutes of cardio train per day!), Plus quit smoking and consuming alcohol, and then you wouldn’t have the whole lot …

there is additionally still the massage phase in, and no longer just any therapeutic massage. it will be important to be helpful crucial oils, and they need to be done twice a day. That rhythm the physique cannot presumably final lengthy: in all probability that is why this diet is recommended for a most period of three weeks …
due to this “miracle cure” we now not simplest drop pounds, there is also promised to be cleaned our whole interior.

fallacious information
In up to date years detox taken an enormous increase. All sorts of ladies’s magazines reward the food regimen into the sky and see (often) simplest the certain points. They even go as far as to say that the positive elements of the weight loss plan are confirmed. about the dangers and dangers isn’t any mention. One has best reward for pure weight reduction, without any chemical product or exchange is involved. The food plan is the entire extra convincing because increasingly celebrities use the method.

firms trip out this wave and the website provide proliferates on. they provide a gorgeous impressive package deal detox diets: there is the lemon detox, detox grapes, detox the liver … Take now, as an instance, lemon detox. The idea may be very simple: you drink each morning mixed lemon juice with heat water. With what purpose? Your body again to health. If we start from this concept, we would possibly as neatly while we’re at it, a bit dishwashing drink with lemon, if that product scoured the dishes so well, then our body will unquestionably also just right to sail proper?

sadly, that is simply the tip of the iceberg and there’s a whole sequence of detox diets that are not based on energy, but on the usage of gadgets, patches or syrup, in which one way has been crazier than the other . An example: the detox weight-reduction plan kinotakara basically the user sticks a patch on the bottom of the foot on the way to take away toxins during the foot. Worse, the physio detox: it is a instrument that enables footbaths and that merely by means of its use will purify the physique. And all this without any scientific proof. the shopper self belief severely abused in other phrases.
whatever just isn’t mentioned it, that the load loss that brings this weight loss plan, in fact, only a lack of fluids and muscle tissue, and fats mass remains … then again, the basic theory of any excellent food regimen that eradicated the fats .

professional or con?
even if the detox weight-reduction plan in accordance with some common ideas of a balanced weight loss program (including drinking 1.5 liters of water a day, consume vegetables and fruit at will, and so on.), which is not sufficient for it however to ascribe the least efficient. in truth, this food regimen can also be dangerous for kids in full growth, ladies who are pregnant or breastfeeding, people with kidney or liver problems, coronary heart disease or diabetes, individuals with intestinal problems or persistent illness, individuals who suffer from malnutrition or anemia and of course for people who can’t digest vegatables and fruits or allergic to. The scientific group has the same opinion that the human physique can really feel totally unbiased “purify”. Our physique, finally, has its own detoxeersystemen, such because the intestines, which degrade the products aren’t used so that they may be able to be then discharged. For right kind operation of those techniques is enough a healthy standard of living. The conclusion is unfortunate that this eating regimen belongs to the countless different false guarantees. The food regimen is in the beginning troublesome to put into practice and offers us, in particular, simply do not return our slim line.

5. A weight loss program prepared by using a dietitian (e)

A food plan prepared with the aid of a dietitian (e) is frequently a low-calorie, balanced regime that respects the day by day requirements of vitamins and minerals.
it is adapted to the individual wants of the patient. because each patient has specific and totally different desires, each weight loss plan is unique. It additionally takes into account the tastes, the rhythm of lifestyles, stage of bodily process and possible diseases.
this sort of weight loss plan boils right down to perfect negative eating habits. furthermore, every dietitian (e) various tips about diet, balanced recipes and kitchen pointers.
it is not a good idea to prevent any such food regimen when the goal weight is reached. The dietitian (e) then gifts an eating plan for a balanced weight loss plan with some enjoyable moments. Managing Your Time between foods, is also a part of the work of the dietician. moreover, it takes the observe-up after the stabilization of two years, at a price of three to four meetings per 12 months, to ensure that excellent consuming habits are neatly built-in and utilized.

Human well being
as a result of this regime bearing in mind the precise nutrient needs of every individual, it causes no shortages in vitamins and minerals. furthermore, there is a sufficiently lengthy observe-up, which the participant motivates to undertake excellent eating habits. in accordance CRIOC this is the most effective eating regimen to follow somebody.

6. Dukan weight-reduction plan

What does it mean?
this is a excessive protein diet. to start with you must consume best pure protein (fish, meat, eggs, dairy products with zero% fats content material) and this all you wish to have. Thereafter, a second stage follows to be able to go to the specified weight. At that stage be introduced vegetables within the food regimen. Then observe various stabilization phases. This diet promises very fast weight reduction. principle The initial segment when only pure proteins may be eaten, it takes five days. as soon as at cruising velocity, adopted by way of a duration of alternate days between days with pure protein and with proteins together with sure approved vegetables. This phase should be maintained for one week for every kilo one wants to lose. Then comes the consolidation section for the done weight, which admitted: pure protein, some vegetables, a serving of fruit per day (however no banana, grapes or cherries), two slices of bread a day, 40g mature cheese, two tablespoons of oat bran, and on high must be walked 25 minutes a day. That section will have to be maintained for 10 days for every kilo misplaced (who has misplaced 10 kg for instance, must maintain this phase, a hundred days). indirectly, the final stabilization phase, which means that that someday a week (daily the same), the ability may only consist of pure protein together 3 tablespoons of oat bran. more must be moved via the usage of the steps as a substitute of taking the elevator. The Dukan weight loss plan gives 1800 calories daily. The proteins represent greater than 50% of the day-to-day power supply, whereas the really helpful proportion is between 12 and 15%. The vetaanvoer remains rather under the RDA and as a result does now not have too much impression on well being. the supply of carbohydrates is between 11 and 19% of day by day energy provide. that is still a ways beneath the RDA of 50 to 55%. This eating regimen comprises too little diet C and fiber. alternatively it provides an excessive amount of of vitamin B9, nutrition D, selenium, calcium, iron and magnesium. risks for the well being in view that it’s a protein and isn’t a low-calorie weight-reduction plan, is a chance that the flexibility of the liver to provide urea is saturated, and there is a rise comes from the amount of amino acids and ammonia in the blood. This larger amount inflicting ammonia within the blood to mind dysfunction and lesions which can even lead to hepatic encephalopathy. Two research (Lagiou et al 2007;.. Trichopoulou et al 2007) stated a rise in whole mortality and the selection of deaths from heart problems in individuals who spontaneously have a moderate carbohydrate supply, which with this weight-reduction plan is the case. this weight loss plan leads to a rise of the content material of LDL-cholesterol by an average of 10% (Beisswenger et al. 2005), and cardiac arrhythmias (easiest et al 2000. Larosa et al 1980;. Stevens et al. 2002). The food plan is also characterised via a scarcity of fiber, which is able to result in constipation. in the long term , in keeping with a find out about by using Wing et al 2005 losses. but 20% of people are obese weight successfully in the long run. Most diets, however, handiest be sustained for a short time, namely, a most of six months to at least one yr. the overall calorie feed is the most important factor for the again adoption of weight. with a view to maintain the weight on level, it is strongly recommended at the same time with the weight loss plan to trap in a bodily activity, and which persist after the diet. as well as, the calorie supply which is important to maintain the load secure, smaller than the calorie of supply for the weight loss, which is tough to maintain full, in follow, will also be. notice also that the lack of muscular tissues plays a huge role within the reduction of power consumption. Weight primarily comes again within the type of fat.

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